T minus 4 days – how many pairs of pants for 13 weeks?

Be careful.

One minute you’re dreaming up some major travel project, the next minute you find yourself leaving your job, packing up the family home, packing up the family and getting on an aeroplane, interspersed with complex conversations about how many pairs of pants a 7 year old needs for a 13 week trip. First world problems.

Indeed ‘first world problems’ could be a title for this blog, given that, at this point 4 days before departure, we’re concerned with issues like:

  • Rounding up all the school work and books that we need to keep the kids honest over the 3 months
  • Checking the volatility of the Brazilian Real
  • Liaising with our tenants about minor property management things
  • Stuffing our kindles and ipad full of books and music and movies

It’s not exactly Ranulph Fiennes heading across continents is it?

After a weekend spent talking to loved ones and friends (does that mean we have friends who we don’t love? Not sure) the questions seem to be:

    • Are you nervous?
    • Where are you going first?
    • How did the school react to them missing half a term?
    • How much are you moving around?
    • Do you have a job / project to come back to?

And of course:

  • Who the hell wants to read your bl**dy blog?

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