T minus 0 – D Day arrives, author closes eyes

It is humid enough and we are only in Giraffe, saviour of the family airport brigade, arguing about what % of our burger we have to eat…

… and trying to work this blog thing on a phone.

I feel like a fraud, a 44 yr old pretending to be a traveller, albeit with 40 kilos of luggage and a family rather than a rucksack of tie-dyed flares.

Thoughts from the team before 12 hours with BA:

L-Zo: “excited, a bit nervous but mostly excited, I want to see what rain looks like in Brazil.” (9yr old)

Frankie: “I feel excited but scared too as we might land in the sea.” (7 yr old)

Luce: [has gone AWOL exploring the retail opportunities offered by the kind Heathrow people but her representative tells me she is tired and excited]

Next stop: Sao Paulo in Brazil before bouncing to Recife and let’s hope there is no landing in the sea.

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