Day 2 – …and relax as the wife makes a rare fashion blunder

Our friend Jacky warned me “Keep the blog posts short, the last thing we want to read is pages of your rubbish.” I trust her judgement…

Yet despite living the laziest day that we have experienced for 9 months there is much to talk about.

First, this photo is not set up. The wife has amazing taste and quite why she picked up my Cranfield hat (which, fond though I am of the place, I would not wear), put it in her suitcase and now on her head is amazing. After 17+ yrs she wrongfoots me.

Second, nobody speaks English and we speak no Portuguese. I don’t feel annoyed, I feel embarrassed at our pseudo colonial entitlement that the world should speak with our tongue. Case in point, at lunch we resort to guessing, pot luck; the charming waiter tries to use the iPad to convert speech to text. Modern life indeed. It turns out they charge per person for the live singer (Redemption Song, Stairway to Heaven)

Third this place is heaven, a 3 mile long distance beach with nonchalant palm trees guarding us. The ocean as warm as a bath and skies so big our necks hurt. How lucky are we.

Fourth, reflections on being in Brazil to come in an amateur 1990s geography essay tomorrow.

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