Day 7 – woops, a geo post slips past the censor

I would say we return to some geo by popular demand but in fact it is more due to be obstinate nature than anything.

That above us, my friends, is a stump, or a stack and one half of the ‘Two Brothers’ just off the Cacimbre do Padre beach on Fernando De Noronha. Surfers among you may know the name as this gets the best surf in big swells and has hosted international competitions.

Atalaia beach. A textbook wave cut platform which creates a natural rock pool…

… in which you can go snorkelling. 16 people at once for 30 minutes each. No sun cream, no touching anything, the best half hour of our trip so far…

…the fish get stuck in the pool at low tide. We saw two lemon sharks looking a bit grumpy.

Ignore the cheesy family shot, focus on the beautiful arch which in a few thousand years will collapse.

The Two Brothers, once part of the mainland now two very photographed stacks.

A lovely illustration of the erosive power of the sea.

Lines of weakness turn into caves.

Chunks of basalt litter the hills.

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