Day 15 – Guest Post: Lola. “The hassle”

Today well it is hard to explain I will start from 5:00am in the morning we were all very happy because we are going to Costa Rica. You could probably tell that we had an early flight…

Now some of you already know that Cesca and Mum aren’t too good at waking up in the morning. Cesca had a strategy for this by wearing her clothes for the plane to go to sleep in. This is very clever because it made Cesca 10 times faster even though I wouldn’t recommend doing this every day.

The airport

We arrived at that the airport at about 5:45am. We were checking in when we saw that that flight was delayed by 2 hours which is really bad for us because we need to go to Colombia for a stop and then we go from Colombia to Costa Rica. It didn’t go to plan. The lady said that we were going to miss the connecting flight

Dramatic pause

What will happen next……………………………………… it is a mystery until now………

We waited for the next flight. The screen didn’t say when we should board, so Cesca and mum went ahead. We went to follow them and a lady on a golf buggy comes up to us and says “You’re late.” She told us to get on the buggy and she drove us to the gate. She then said “Run” and we ran like the wind with Cesca leading the way and Mum’s spinning training has finally paid off.

Editor’s note: we just made the delayed flight from Rio but missed our connection in Bogota and spent 8 hours there; the airport is actually quite pleasant.

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