Days 25, 26: tiger stripes, surfing evidence and relocation

We have moved up the coast to Playa Samara, a crescent beach with a reef offshore that kills the big waves, making it perfect for beginners.

The rain is biblical upon arrival which begs the question: does anywhere look good in a downpour?

Nobody here uses weather forecasts, especially in the ‘green’ season. This is the best rebranding since Mandleson stuck New in front of Labour. Green means wet which means rain, but so far it arrives in thick bunches, a couple of hours of water destroying anything not fixed down.


The tiger stripes are mine; the skin of my wrinkles where I squint is white. This is new for me and it comes from hours in the sun from surfing: no sunglasses = squinting. Previously I haven’t had the wrinkles to achieve the stripes. 5% proud, 95% resigned.


We need evidence of surfing and I know my place: standing in the shallows as chief cheerleader.

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