Day 35: Cesca’s guest blog – “A day of excitement”

(As dictated to her mum).

I woke up after a nightmare that someone was pinching me [maybe because of our late night forest walk the night before – we saw, a Wanderer spider, tarantulas, stick insects, bats, Cesca says she was “as brave as a turtle.”] so Mummy got into my bed and snuggled me. I had homemade granola for breakfast with sweet hot chocolate.

We then drove to the zipwire place – it took so long to get started because we had to wait for another group. We did 12 ziplines – I had to do them on my own.

The last one had three people on it, Dad, a guide and me because it was 1km long and we needed extra weight to make us go faster.


About to take off on our 1km long zip wire

We also did the Tarazan swing – I swung like a unicorn – I jumped 8 metres down with a rope wrapped around my tummy and then we swung like we were sitting on a swing. On some of the zipwires I was so light that I had to be ‘slothed’ [special Cesca word] back to the platform.

We had a lovely lunch – we had the best lunch ever. I had rice, but I did not like the peppers. I am fussy, but not as fussy as Dad. Lola had a hummus sandwich, but without the black olives (Lola does not like olives). Dad and Mum had the Costa Rican special, rice and beans, (Gallo Tinto) and then we drove to the Butterfly Garden. We saw so many butterflies. My favourite was a Sulphur butterfly and in latin it is called Phoebis Philea. Lola wanted to take a picture of a soldier army ant so the guide held it and received a painful sting. OW!

P.S. If you are wondering about the picture of me lying down whilst I was doing my homework with Mummy, I was actually working very hard, it was just that my neck was hurting. It is very sensitive. If you were me, you would have done that too. Trust me!


The famous Blue Morpho butterfly, held by the guide.

A lovely butterfly, not quite alive.


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