Day 45: Guest post from Lucy – the story so far

We are halfway through our travels – and very much alive, enjoying our new freedom, healthy and excited EVERY day. We are having a ball.

Yesterday we said a sad farewell to Costa Rica. We have enjoyed meeting its friendly people; (‘mucho gusto’ to our every request); diverse wildlife – my favourites are the two toed sloths and the huge blue Morpho butterfly; local sodas with made to order fruit juice and a new appreciation of the taste of freshly cut pineapple (the coffee isn’t bad either).

Best of all, I have memories of watching the girls create and perform an original song, ‘I am a red blue genie frog’, squeezing small hands as we take off to our next exotic destination, strumming along to Jason Mraz ‘I’m yours’, using hotel safes to store valuables like passports and precious teddybears, drawing the stunning humming bird and other colourful animals, enjoying the children laughing hysterically, playing family cards games in which none of the players start or finish with the same number of cards and lots more.

A turtle interpreted

Surfing has been a huge hit. And lots of fun to learn together: Dan’s stoic warrior pose, Cesca’s unique surf attire completed by her lucky pink goggles and Lola’s perfect balance. My look is a long way from stylish – I resemble a 747 jet taxied into position – abreast my 10ft board – by a very sympathetic instructor and told to take off (pop up) as the right green wave approaches.

This crazy sport has introduced thick tiger stripes around my eyes – the sunnies and Cranfield cap are left onshore – and very painful sun burn, but it’s been worth it!

1 surf lesson with no cream

If the next 7 weeks are half as good as the last, we will be very lucky indeed.

2 thoughts on “Day 45: Guest post from Lucy – the story so far

  1. LOVED this “Blog”?? so much. You all sound so happy and I feel you are having
    the very best experience a family could ever have. Huge love to you all S + V


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