Back to LA and then back home

As many of you know, we are back in the UK now. We spent our last few days in Los Angeles staying at Lucy’s brother’s house again. Sadly he was Vancouver directing a movie and Liz, Jack and Bella were fantastic hosts. Thank you for having us.

Jack, Cesca, Bella, Lola

Our time in LA was low key and slightly wistful, as we transitioned from one chapter to the next. We tried to stay in the moment and not reflect on the trip. If we asked a question about the past 3 months Cesca would start protesting: “I don’t wanna talk about it.” That’s the spirit: a compulsive buddhist approach to staying in the present.

Looking north-ish from Venice pier

There were not many headlines or discoveries, instead an undercurrent of serious health with the sun blazing down but keeping below 30 degrees, plenty of options for hardcore pilates and running and surfing and swimming.

It has been a wonderful 3 months and this is the 2nd to last blog post – I’ll write one more about ’10 things to know if you’re planning a sabbatical’ when I get the time.


2 thoughts on “Back to LA and then back home

  1. It has been both fun and extremely insightful reading your blog. They say that everyone has one great novel “in them” and I suspect that this may well be true with yourself. You write with an uncanny degree of descriptive prowess coupled with genuine and thoughtful insight.
    What an amazing experience for you and all the family. Well done to you all on so many levels.


  2. You are looking way too healthy for my liking. Please make sure that I do not have to see you until life has caught up with you again. Love to all. dx


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