Day 10 – good old fashioned tourism in the world’s kite surfing mecca

This is Jericaocaora on the north coast of Brazil. A tiny village which used to be 4 hours drive from an airport and cultivated a loyal following from the backpacker community.

A new airport has opened the tourism industry up, doubling numbers in the first year.

Most people come to kitesurf as it has the most consistent winds in the world, apparently, from June to December. It is famous for ‘downwinds’ which is a bit like saying you go skiing with just downhill no lifts.

People do 14 day trips down the coast covering hundreds of kms by kite.

But not us.

The other main task is to explore the dunes. We relaxed into our role as tourists and spent a wonderful day driving around in a buggy, up and down the 10-13 metre dunes.

Seamless transport across the river – TFL take note

Local sand people

Playing with perception

To clarify that is not me in pink

Mangrove pitstop

You go halfway around the world and it’s the simple things we are drawn to

One thought on “Day 10 – good old fashioned tourism in the world’s kite surfing mecca

  1. Don’t forget to use the panorama function on your phone. In particular, there are many hours of fun to be had running round the back of the photographer and appearing as many times as possible….

    So envious. X


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